Giuseppe Frezza

Giuseppe Frezza

been born in Catania in 1960 and entered to belong to the artistic world as academic member and partner of different associations, a great passion he has always lived for the sketch and the painting, parallelly to his occupation of banking

It already discovers his natural talent for the painting from boy and his formative run it brings him to be student of the study of Gio' Vanchieri and of the Prof. Bruno and of the Prof. Federici to the academy of the Belle Arti of Catania graduating himself with the Prof. Giansiracusa (historical of the art) introducing his own thesis with the title "I Crossed Inverse. The art in the bank, You Bank for the art ". Fortune to have been born in an island as Sicily has made the rest.


Since young he has experimented the different techniques of representation, from the sketch to the painting, from the water-colors to the decoupage. The particular attention for the sketch to crayon and the good mastery of this technique, accompanied to the exercise and the application, you have allowed him to bring a big number of works to conclusion.

The artist's pictures catanese, with few linear and essential lines they transmit to the mind of the visitor all the colors and the bewitching odors of the Sicilian landscapes: "Courtyard of Erice", "Lemons", "Sicilian Oranges in showcase", "Images in spring", "Ruins", "Alley of Taormina" they are some of the titles of the pictures, that disclose the great love for his earth and the passion, as when it stops us to look "Clear of moon, colors on the sea" or "Nighttime fire of the Etna."

Brushstrokes of light and contrasts to cross in an imaginary trip Sicily of the memory, from the sea in the hill, up to the mountain with "The craters of the Etna."

Joseph Mario Frezza with his works has also participated in the foreign countries to the "Salon of the art de vivre italien" to Paris, to the "VII ^ edition week of the Italian language in the world One-DUFOUR Geneva (Switzerland), to the industries et Commerce Italian of DUBAI (Arabic Emirates), to Innsbruck (Austria).

Further to have received different prizes as the international prize "silver Jar" and the prize international Academy "The Miceneis" in 2006, the Prize "Dawn" Ferrara in 2007, the Prize "Psico-pedagogic" Catania in 2008, the Prize "Livatino". Mascali and the Prize Special Mediterranean 2009 to S.Agatha Li Battiati.